Thai Massage works on the energy lines that run through the whole body. By removing blockages, it allows your energy and oxygen to flow freely throughout your body and mind. Treatments can benefit clients with the following problems:

Head, Face & Neck

Headache due to anxiety and tension, dry eyes and blurred vision, jaw pain, mouth distortion.

Neck sprain, stiffness, soreness, etc.

Shoulder, Back & Lower Back

Shoulder or back pain, tightness & stiffness in the back, lower back pain & tiredness, etc.

Arms & Hands

Lack of power in the arms, tennis elbow, stiffness.

Twisted, painful fingers. Numbness in the hands & fingers, etc.


Hip pain when standing, walking or moving.


Pain in the thighs, outer and inner side, the front and back.

Pain when moving the legs, stiff calf, heavy legs, lack of power, achilles tendon stiffness


Stiff knee, outer and inner side, pain when bending and straightening out


Toe and foot sprain, soreness in the feet, stiffness and instep pain, swelling, etc.