About us

Thai Massage is an important part of Thai culture that has been taught from one generation to the next. Traditionally teachers passed this skill onto their students, and parents onto their children.


Daeng is certified to both treat clients and to teach those who wish to practice the art of Thai massage.

Daeng and Andy are fully qualified in Thai Traditional Massage and Thai Acupressure and a specialist in injury rehabilitation and after care. They gained their qualifications at the world-famous Wat Po Traditional School, Bangkok, Thailand. We like to take this opportunity to thank our Teachers and Masters and of coarse  You our clients .

 Royal Thai Massage was established in Ennis since 2007 and is well known the Best Massage In Town . You are welcome to find out for yourself !

Myself i found it difficult to imagine why anybody would not want to enjoy a massage at my place ,whether for treatment of a problem or simply for pure indulgence . 

Daeng Andy



Below is image of Shivago the late Lord Bhudda;s Physician  also one of the great forefathers , yoga masters in the ancient origin of health practice , herbal medicine and massage for over 2559 years .